~ The wheel of the year ~

Ceremonies of the Sun & Moon

Spirituality is a path of many paths that aims to connect with the true self and Spirit as each person understands it. Its development allows us to regain our lost connection with Nature but also to understand our origin & purpose and to see the Sacred as a universal and global phenomenon.

Since ancient times, people celebrated specific days directly linked to the cycle of sowing and harvesting, the four seasons and the intervals in between, as well as the phases of the Moon (birth, life, death, rebirth). Today these celebrations, which for centuries were hidden in well-known celebrations of various religions, are revived & allow us to gain a deeper perception of reality.

The process

Ο wheel of the year is a pleasant practice that allows us to communicate with Nature and its cycles. Specifically, we honour the phases of the year in relation to the Sun as well as the phases of the Moon, which completes its own cycle in a 28-day period, emphasizing the New Moon and Full Moon.

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