I am Valeria Koudoumogiannaki & I welcome you to my website.

From a young age I was attracted to psychology and used to hear from my elders how the role of a psychologist would suit me, as I always listened attentively to anything that caused anxiety in friends and acquaintances. I was interested in learning what the soul is, how and why it acts and exists.
Indeed, I studied psychology at the Athens School of Philosophy, in the Psychology Department. I have a license to practice psychology since 2011. I worked alongside Ioannis Kouros-psychiatrist at the OCDC company, where I got my first experiences of psychological support, and I also made my first research in psychology. In the years that followed I worked with children with special needs, ADHD, autism and with students to support their studies. What the soul is and how psychology is applied continued to concern me as it came into my life and spirituality.

Energy Therapeutics

I was trained in reiki, and other forms of energy healing, such as rozone, crystal healing system, which I practiced along with meditation techniques.
What fitted in well with my worldview was shamanic healing which gave me excellent healing tools. Their origins are from the Amazon region and date back thousands of years. My teachers are Chris Waters and her team in England and Romania and Joe Molloy, England and Greece.
I have also been influenced by the shamanic teachings of Huna origin from Hawaii and Tensegrity. I received experiences of shamanism from the wisdom of the Greek area on Mount Olympus and in Athens in sacred places. Among my favourites are the Plato’s Academy and the hill of Filopappou and Strefis.

I have the knowledge and experience for individual sessions, shamanic practice groups, spirituality groups for women, etc. Circle, sharing and group are key elements for my work.

Psychosocial context of flourishing

An my important goal is the building of a psychosocial framework for flourishing based on cooperativeness and solidarity, at the level of community and society. For this reason I have participated in various groups in the KALO ecosystem, such as FairCoop, the Integrated Cooperative of Athens, etc. I am a partner of the Beehive Commune with the same purpose as well as the culture of care.

In 2019 I completed the Master’s degree in positive psychology and coaching psychology. That’s where I felt a personal fulfilment as this science embraces spirituality, meditation and eastern philosophy. So in me the puzzle for the how to achieve self-realisation and well-being and most importantly I now have all the tools I need for psychic blossoming at the level of the individual, interpersonal relationships, community and society. I have both the scientific theory and the practice. In the direction of learning more and finding my own findings, I am doing scientific research on issues of spirituality, well-being and performance in the workplace.

Also at the end of 2019 I completed the Organisational Psychology programme at the Athens University of Economics and Business, with training on work-related issues.

Make your next Step! Know your uniqueness & enjoy life & its gifts!