~ Shamanic sessions ~

The work of the shaman

There have always been among the people therapists who knew well the secrets of nature and especially that it was about healing. The shaman is the healer, dreamer, priest, songwriter, mystic, mythmaker. Has the knowledge and ability to penetrates the depths of the Souland especially the Unconscious, to cares for and lovingly treats wounds of the past, by genealogy and karma.

His main task is to bring to the surface of consciousness, with the help of therapeutic practices, all those hidden skills and abilities that we have abandoned due to pain and now it is time to bring them back to light.

The process…

The whole process takes place inthe sacred space-time that hosts the 4 elements of nature and the power and love of Mother Earth and Spirit. Having oriented our minds to the issue we wish to resolve we enter the sacred space created by the shaman.

We will start with a discussion to get to the root of the trauma that is causing this issue and work with it therapeutically. The healing process will allow the client to shed the heavy shocks of the trauma & make room for the new.

Apart from this particular healing process there are other beautiful practices, such as Soul Retrieval and the very deep process of initiations that lead to Regeneration. These practices can be done after we have worked together therapeutically for a period of time. Also Fire and Despacho are beautiful denaturing tools that alchemize therapeutically.

Who the shamanic sessions are for

  • Do you have the feeling that there is no flow and you constantly encounter obstacles in your way?
  • Do you feelintense physical and mental fatigue, stress, pressure, and is there a lack of vigour (a-disease) in any area of your life?
  • Do you feel lack of courage, lack of direction, feel fear, anger, sadness, sadness, sadness, insecurity in your life?
  • Do you want change, at the material level, in the emotional and psychological area, in the thinking, at the spiritual level?

Then the shamanic healing of the Inca tradition is for you. It is a beautiful path through which we create the space for this change to take hold. The change, this time coming from the heart, and the call of our Soul and not from the traumas of the past


When we are determined to follow the personal and unique path of our Soul and allow ourselves to shine, bringing out the very special gifts we each possess, then the song of our Soul will resound to humanity and the world we live in, attracting people and situations for our own healing and happiness.
This is how we will be able to realise our dreams in the here and now.

Make your next Step! Know your uniqueness & enjoy life & its gifts!