~ Positive Psychology Group for Women ~

Live life as the woman who knows how to enjoy and honor her feminine nature!

In this group we will unlock the secrets of female psychology.

We will discover the psychological patterns that we all adopt, consciously or unconsciously, and learn to listen to the wisdom of our soul.

We will look at solutions to key issues that affect us as women, such as relationships, our place in society, the enjoyment of living as women.

We will cultivate the strengths that we all possess and each one of us individually with its unique brilliance.

Live life as the woman who knows how to enjoy and honor her feminine nature!

Online Every Friday from 15 October, 19:00-20:30

A group that is both timely and timeless, as it expresses the need to understand in depth the female soul and to elevate it where it has been underestimated and violated.

To see how we build mental resilience and how we flourish with the beauty of our body, emotions and soul as women.

A gift first for us, but also for a society that is hungry for the vindication and rehabilitation of women today.

Includes knowledge of psychotherapists who brought his work to the Jung on the needs of women and femininity in every man. We will combine theory and practice of positive psychology to cultivate psychic flourishing. Our ally will be the art and artistic expression, as it suits each one (no need for prior knowledge).

We’ll watch together:

-The journey of the female soul

– How the treasure of our female nature is revealed

– How to enjoy and rejoice in life as women

– How to make healthy relationships blossom

Tools to be provided are:

  • Positive psychology test
  • Practical positivity and empowerment exercises as women
  • Experiential exercises of physical and emotional expression and artistic creations through writing, dance, collage etc.
  • Storytelling, fairy tales to understand collective patterns of women and understanding of our personal myth as women
  • Meditations and visions on womanhood and its cycles
  • Techniques that support our well-being as women

Inspirer & Coordinator of the Group:

Valeria Koudoumogiannaki
(psychologist, positive psychology coach)

Tel: 6955567701

email: info@flourish.gr


For information & registration please contact at tel. 6955567701 (Valeria Koudoumogiannaki)

-Seats are Limited-

Mode of conduct: online

Date: From Friday 15 October and every Friday

Registration: until 14 October Cost: 15 euros at a time, for the month 50 euros.

The first three meetings will be open to participation, then the group will be closed.

If you too are ready to enjoy your feminine nature with power and grace, make sure you participate, we are waiting for you...