~ Munay Ki ~

The Munay Ki | The power of love

Munay Ki is a profound teaching & at the same time a method that includes 9 important and simple ritual initiations from the Inca tradition transmitting the seeds of the new man who is now evolving. It helps to heal old wounds, traumas from childhood, from ancestors and karma, and develops properties such as the personal healing power on an individual level.

On a collective level it gives tools to support the community we belong to, through the priesthood. We also receive initiations as guardians of the Sacred Femininity and the Sacred Masculine and protectors of the Earth, the Great Mother of all.

For the indigenous people of Latin America, community is the main priority and they follow the desires of individuality. That is why the teaching that comes from Munay Ki carries within it the tactic of sharing in a circle and initiation, as energy transmission, through reciprocation and horizontal transmission.

The central point of Munay Ki is not only to learn to take responsibility for our actions and actions and for the healing process of ourselves. To understand that no one from outside will come in to build the world we dream of, but that we, through conscious dreaming and daily practice we bring the vision of a new humanity ever closer to reality.

So & anyway at this particular time more and more people believe that we are at a very important point in the evolution of humanity. It is a moment that has been described by almost all ancient traditions. We are given the opportunity to build a new world, to make a quantum leap in our individual and especially collective consciousness.

“We have the option
to build a world
with the Power of Love!”

We will create...

For thousands of years we have been recreating the same old story… a story of lack, pain, violence, wars, conflicts, a perpetual drama… But we have the choice to build a world based on the Power of Love.
Through Munay-Ki we prepare our luminous energetic body for the great change, which in the Inca tradition is called Pachacutti, where the world returns to balance and harmony.
This is the way of Munay Ki! To bring in these archetypal energies to evolve from homo sapiens sapiens to homo luminous.
This teaching will be dedicated and tailored to activists and all individuals working for social change.

We'll find out...

  • Munay Ki is inspired by 5 Principles (Non-Violence, Moderation, Integrity, Truth, Generosity) which we will explain & see how we can apply them.
  • We will study the Inca worldview & see in detail what is shamanism & what are the archetypes.
  • We will explain the content of the nine initiations [1. The Visionary, 2. The Healer, 3. The Power Zones, 4. Harmony – With the archetypal seeds in the 7 chakras (Snake, Jaguar, Swim, Eagle, of the Archangels of the 3 worlds: Huascar, Quetzalkoatl, and Pachacutti), 5. Guardian of the Day, 6. Guardian of Wisdom, 7. Guardian of the Earth, 8. Stargazer, 9. Creator].

Finally, tools and practices for personal development will be provided:

  • How  create Sacred Space-Time
  • The concept of Hold space
  • How to open and expand our energy body as a sacred space-wiracocha
  • How to nourish the powers from the initiations we have received and our chakras
  • Breath of Fire Breath of Fire
  • Saint – Painting | How to work with the Earth, transmuting energy blockages

Make your next Step! Know your uniqueness & enjoy life & its gifts!