~ Group counselling and teambuilding ~

Group counselling is a service that concerns the flourishing of groups. There are various groups already & there is always a link that brings people together to become part of a group. Usually it is a specific purpose, such as sports, work, creating a theatrical performance, etc. Many groups face difficulties and often fail to flourish. This service helps groups and their members in this direction.

Group counselling includes:

  • Supporting groups whose members have lost their motivation to regain it.
  • Managing tensions in order to find the causes and provide creative solutions.
  • Finding the group’s identity when the group does not know its vision or purpose.
  • Tightening relationships and authentic connection.
  • Tools for crisis management and decision-making
  • Tools to increase efficiency, productivity and flow (optimal experience)
  • We do all the necessary actions – steps together.

For group counselling the following procedure is followed:
an initial meeting with the group is held , followed by the use of a questionnaire and other tools to explore the needs of the group. Then it is proposed to contact each member individually (where feasible) and counseling through theory (social psychology, positive psychology, work psychology) and experiential exercises, until the goals we have set together for the flourishing of the group are met.
In this direction, seminars are designed to meet the needs of each group or generalized for the general population, such as the Authentic Connection workshop.

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