The flourishing self
Relationships that flourish
Belonging to a community that flourishes
Social connectedness and flourishing

Psychological flourishing is, for me, an attitude toward life. Through the knowledge I have received from my studies and experience in psychology and the practices of self-awareness, spirituality, and alternative ways of healing, and mainly from the wisdom life provides, I have learned how to flourish and help others to make it happen.
Through difficult times I went experienced what is post-traumatic growth. However, I found a way to blossom by expressing myself and finding flow (optimal experience). Spirituality was one of the key sources of strength even in the deepest darkness. Mindfulness became an excellent tool for living a conscious life, perceiving and accepting my inner world, relationships, society, and Nature.
Spirituality gives a higher purpose and meaning to life as something sacred. It is always the way that I find the inner flame that motivates me to act respectfully and have the energy to overcome difficulties. Knowing that the sky and the earth hold me, whatever I do, is a great feeling.
A significant moment for me was when was when I discovered that positive psychology, as a science, perceives spirituality as a vital tool for development and well-being. The influences of the humanistic and existential approach in positive psychology point out that spirituality is a way to overcome suffering and emotional pain but also gives the feeling of fulfillment and supports self-actualization.
Shamanism from the Inca tradition has been a pillar of my self-development. I integrated into my worldview the core value of this tradition, Ayni, which means Harmony. The harmony balances the inner world with the outside world, the light with the darkness, the masculine and the feminine, and the ancestral wisdom with the new generations’ knowledge. Also, something essential is the ability to balance everyday life, which has many obligations, with the spiritual realm, which both need our attention. It is something to be achieved while developing a beautiful relationship with Nature and community, as shamanism is also a tool for a flourishing community.

The Community

For me, the community has to do a lot with unity. From a very young age, I have been active in building a better world with others. Over the years, I understood that self-awareness, empathy,and healing are the key to creating a better world. Also, belonging to a community is very important to this purpose, but soon I realized that this concept started to fade in my generation.
I finally understood that by having healthy boundaries and an open and warm-hearted self, being a member of a community means developing on many levels admirably. Connecting with authenticity, cooperation, and practical solidarity, sharing from the heart are essential resources of strength and evolution something I had never imagined as a single unit.
I met people from all over the world; I lived moments that I will never forget, and those were our life experiences, wisdom, and inspiration. Moments prove that something connects us all, a field (as mentioned by Gestalt psychology) that silently acts and unites us all. Or, as Jungian psychology explains it, a collective unconscious, fully alive, that we can access through symbols and archetypes,within psychology and ceremony, the mystical way of being.

The Culture of Care

My basic principles include the empowerment of diversity and the Culture of Care. I also belong to the lgbtq+ colorful community that explores different ways of approaching gender and identity. I believe that gender is a personal matter, and each person can express it in the way she/he/they feels, with freedom and respect. I understand the difficulties, the concerns of this community, and that’s why I want to support it however I can with care and appreciation for its flourishing.

The Culture of Care is a perception and attitude of life for social awareness, , building resilience, and mental flourishing at a social level. It’s about creating emotional space so people can get to know each other better and connect empathetically. It also encourages understanding individuals’ boundaries, needs, and strengths in social contexts. Everyone’s needs are recognized so that everyone is present with their whole being, to open up and interact with confidence.

So connectedness and solidarity become a vehicle for productivity and social change. This is why it is crucial to understand the imprints of excessive consumerism in ourselves and our team.To evolve, we need to do it together in unity through our hearts, mind, and soul, causing positive social transformation

We connect with empathy,
interact with confidence

Make your next Step! Know your uniqueness & enjoy life & its gifts!