~ Ceremony of Fire ~

Fire has always been an important element in shamanism traditions and in all traditions in general. Our ancestors learned to cooperate with fire and thus to enjoy their food warm and to protect themselves from the cold and wild animals. They discovered its beauty by sitting around the flames and telling stories with wisdom.

The fire became the element of unification of a community but also the element of unification with ourselves as it teaches us to connect with our inner fire. For shamans, magicians, healers, druids, etc. it has transubstantiating power, as it can alchemize.

In every Fire ceremony we surrender our fears and what weighs us down to its flame. We place our dreams and wishes in its heat as it carries them to the Heavens and the parts of the Horizon to be heard by the immaterial world

…to the Sweet Moon, the stars and the Father Sun!

Make your next Step! Know your uniqueness & enjoy life & its gifts!