~ Cleaning the energy of your Space~

Our space is something personal. Even if it is a workplace, it is the place where we create, think, feel. It is filled with our aura, our presence.

We always choose a place unconsciously, because we are attracted to something from its history. Either the one that existed or the one that will be created in the future. Don’t forget that every space has its own history that may include difficult stories from the past & some spaces have footprints of pain stories on their field. They carry the stress and tensions of the previous people who used them as well as our own tensions.

The procedure

Cleaning refers to the cleaning and care of the place where we work or live or use for some activities. With specific alternative healing practices, the imprints that come from difficult situations are removed and transformed into qualities that benefit us.
The procedure is to clear the space while at the same time, a personal session is also suggested for those who stay and generally use the space. The aim of the personal sessions is to remove the connection with the stories of pain that we experience emotionally and mentally and to make new recordings within us that will offer us beautiful gifts for our inner world.
At the end there is a Despacho ceremony for harmony and balance. A beautiful blessing for the space done by everyone with care for themselves and the space.

Make your next Step! Know your uniqueness & enjoy life & its gifts!