submission vs care

Submission vs Care. I protect myself so I can stand up

Submission vs Care. I protect myself so I can stand up I will talk in this article about the inferiority complex. It often becomes the way to make some people to feel superior to others/ Especially those who oblige others to stop expressing themselves. The purpose is to bow our heads and worship the authority. So everyone is busy with his/her own little world not with the society. And when injustices, murders like in Tempe happen, we remain inactive and numb. Or as with the devaluation of artists’ degrees. Or the privatisation of water, the me too movement, which concerns all genders. To be able to stand up we need a strong body, a soul that can withstand and anger to expose the unjust… The anger stops the numbness and bring the life back to our body. Then we can become conscious of what is wrong in the world. If we remain numb, we can easily become puppets, doing what our ”masters” say we have to do. Of course, I’m not saying to dwell on anger, but in care but care

In order to understand when submission happens, when you get angry you realise that someone wants to make you feel small

What is the inferiority complex?

It means that a person feels inadequate and feels that they are less valuable than others. According to Adler, we all have a feeling of inferiority. That with time if we work on it, can lead us to become better person. But if it starts to become stronger, then it leads to feeling inferior to others. Who usually we feel they are better than us. The comparison then becomes a poison that eats away at one’s strength and ability. It begins to deny that he is worthy.

What are the consequences?

If we start feeling that we are no worthy, we stop not claiming our rights. Then we remain unconcerned and numb. and it is easy to become a victim. Also then we can be exploited more easily. To become oppressed and not react. To remain silent when injustice occurs. Anxiety and insecurity become a daily reality. And whoever comes close and offers value and love we reject her/him/they. or even disparages her/him/they. This is often the case. And it can happen to even the most active activists. The point is that without self-love, one cannot help anyone.

If I think I’m not worthy, and my boss doesn’t pay me, or my partner doesn’t treat me well, I’ll stay doing nothing about it. I will tolerate the oppression, the shouting, the humiliation. And even if I go to dozens of marches. my energy will drop and I get burned out easily.

Social submission brings denial to the claim

For this I first need to take care of my self-worth. To give time and space to heal wounds and injuries. Especially when I intend to give my energy to social actions. For there it is not only the personal but also the forces of the collective that affect me and I affect them. Goren Avi had said that a basic shadow in the unconscious is that of inferiority. And of course, it exists as a Collective Shadow. Which it is often underground as a major obstacle to actions. It can even break up groups and efforts. For protection to be able to stand up.

If you feel that you need empowerment and that maybe sometimes you feel like you don’t have value, we can work on this together in individual sessions. But also in the two-day seminar:Empowering Activism – Healing into Resiliencethat Which we will do it together with Felix Metzger (sociologist, artist and self-improvement seminar facilitator). It will take place at the Embros Free Self-Managed Theatre on Saturday and Sunday 22-23 April.