The wavebreakers of violence! Our generation!

We are the wave breakers of violence! Our generation is struggling for tenderness. Every era has its difficulties and its struggles. Each generation has its own challenges to face. The last generations have a very decisive role. Perhaps it is not so clear. But it’s very important. We say our own no. A no in a different race. The one of tenderness and care. A resounding no to violence. We have a long way to go. As there are ingrained and entrenched collective beliefs and attitudes.

But we also have many tools. Such as psychology, and therapeutic approaches involving the soul, body, spirit, and relationships. We are the breakers of violence! That’s it! We stop the circle of violence. Yes it is difficult, and yes it is painful, but our world is becoming more caring. And maybe we are getting close to having a Culture of Care. We see that even art suffers from the cruel face of power. As in Greece and not only the government makes laws that diminish the art diplomas. But we claim our rights with resistance! A resistance expressed through dance, song, imagination, color, and young voices full of vitality. And that’s a victory. It promises hope and a better future in practice!

The previous generations

Previous generations have suffered a lot. Back then there was no psychology or pedagogy. Women were very often subservient and very repressed. They had to fight a lot for the right to vote, to work, to education, and for every right. Many woman became numb. Others lost their willingness and were very sad most of their lives. Also many women with hungry souls became cruel. They were cruel to their children, harsh, and cold emotionally. Many children were deprived of warmth and tenderness. Because it was something forbidden, something that people thought made them weak. While the truth is that the deprivation of affection made them sore, bitter, and twisted. Men who could only have a wife and children by force lost their humanity. Because the only way to get married was like a business arrangement. No emotions, no love. They became people who didn’t know what it was like to have someone next to you because they really wanted it.

How much pain this has? Fighting over splashing, when the real reasons were swept under the carpet. Unspoken truths, I love you that remained hidden in the throat and heart because no one dared to tell them. Children who got beaten up because their parents had nowhere to vent all their anger, rage, and sadness. Not to mention how bad it was for lgbtq+. Their lives were threaten.

Our generation

His generation is now living with the pain and unfulfillment of previous generations on their backs. Children who felt ashamed of what they are. They had to become what their parents dreamed of. And who has to deal with fast, fast food and emotion? Bodies that are thirsty for touch, because of the coronavirus and the past. But many women and slowly men and the other sexes have entered into a process of self-care.

We say a resounding stop to the violence. We protest this and respond with boundaries and respect for ourselves. But this comes at a cost. Because we have to learn from the beginning how to have relationships. How to have healthy and good communication. But it’s something we weren’t taught and we’re learning it on our own. That’s why we’re confused somewhere. We break up often. We struggle with our sexuality. We still carry the weight, the pain, and the violence inside us. But we continue. With me too, the feminist movements and anyway we can! We do psychotherapy and take care of our body, soul, and spirit! because this is how we will learn how to relate authentically, respectfully, and healthily!

We are the wavebreakers!

We are the breakwaters. The waves of the past crash over us. But we are slowly learning to break the old patterns. Sometimes clumsily, sometimes hastily. Often we get lost in the waves. But we fight again. With care in our hands. We learn psychology, massage, reiki, and alternative therapies. We circle women and men. We talk about our pain. We put friendships first. We embrace difference. We honor all genders and give respect. We may not have a partner, or we get in a stable relationship after our 40s and 50s. But when that happens it is not out of submission. But because we found a fellow traveler. Not a new addiction. Or we choose solitude and celebrate it; because every day we come closer to our authentic self/self.

And what kind of society is one that has authentic people who value difference and care? Definitely better! And yes it takes a lot of patience and perseverance! But it is worth it. And let us be disappointed. Humans survived the beasts because of cooperation. And cooperation without care is not possible. So let’s make it a way of life!

Art is care

Art is care. It is an expression. It’s a cure. Without art we return to a society that is hard, devoid of emotion and colour. A society of mentally hungry people. Which is losing its humanity! That is why it is important to stand by the artists’ struggle. Withdraw the unacceptable downgrading law!

This article is dedicated to all the wave-breakers, to my clients who dare to do it, to friends who do it, to family, to groups, to the circle of women I belong to, to great therapists and teachers I have had and still have. Specially dedicated to Dr. Irini Tsahouridi whose work is outstanding and valuable as a scientist and a human being. But also the Beehive community that supports social change and the Culture of Care! It is with great pride that I stand with you and we continue!