elimination of violence against women

Eliminating violence against women a fundamental condition for prosperity

Eliminating violence against women is a fundamental condition for prosperity. How can a society evolve when it does not take care of women? How can we expect prosperity when violence against women is still rampant? 25 November is a world day dedicated to this. We need a day like this as the data speaks for itself: 1 in 3 women At some point in her life she will experience physical, psychological or sexual violence from her partner. 1 in 5 women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape. 40% to 50% of women in the European Union have reported some form of sexual harassment in the workplace. 500,000 to 2,000,000 people in the world, mostly women and children are estimated to be trafficked illegally every year for the purpose of sexual exploitation and forced labour. So we have a long way to go. But also ways to do it!

25 November – International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

On 17 November 1999 the UN General Assembly proclaimed 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. This day was established as early as 1981 by women’s organisations, in memory of the horrific murder of the three Mirabal sisters, political fighters from the Dominican Republic, by order of the dictator Trujillo on 25 November 1960. Since then it has been ever relevant as violence and abuse of women continues.

Let’s look at the metoo movement in Greece and some important data such as: The first period of the Covid-19 pandemic, violence against women was described by the Council of Europe as the “shadow pandemic”. On the other hand, phenomena such as body shaming, doxing, cyber flashing, online stalking are on the rise with the ever-increasing use of technology. Women are subjected to abusive behaviours in new and old forms.

Prosperity and woman

Woman is the strong sex that brings great gifts to life, to society, to creation. She is the young, the mother, the old, the creator, the hearth, the nest, the care. Nature, the womb, the wing, the cave, the river flow, the blossom, the blossoming, the dying. He has infinite abilities, talents, ways of expression. The one that gives birth to life, that nourishes the soul, that grows the child, the inner child, the new generation, the new humanity. Without the woman there is no new life, no prosperity. As long as patriarchy oppresses her, it oppresses what is most beautiful. As long as it is treated with violence, it violates and shows the least disrespect to its very existence. That’s why if we want prosperity we need to take the prosperity of women for granted. Eliminate violence from the face of the earth. To be able to be free to be ourselves and enjoy life.

What can we do?

To be as informed as possible. It is important to know that there is the SOS Line 15900 is a nationwide service that enables women victims of violence or third parties to contact a gender-based violence agency and e-mail directly: sos15900@isotita.gr. Prevention and education are very basic. Education in dealing with violence is also very important. As well as the development of the Culture of Care. And of course tackling the root of the problem. The way men are growing up today, and change that substantially. And that the whole value system will embrace women as well as all genders. Also women’s circles and men’s circles are valuable. As well as participation in actions, feminist movements and marches, such as the one that started yesterday in Omonia.

Let’s take care of ourselves as best we can!

My treatment and care as a woman is very important. To feel worthy as a woman, and to be protected. If I have suffered violence, do my best to heal my wound and seek justice. When I’m ready!

If you feel you need empowerment and support I am here for you. We can work through individual sessions .

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