fall and rebirth

Fall and rebirth

Very often in our lives the fall comes. And we don’t know why it’s coming. It looks like the eclipses. The light of the moon is fading. The light in us is fading. And we often cry out why. Why me? This why shows the desperation, and the difficulty of accepting the fall. But the fall has its meaning. Like the cheap autumn, when life is waning and the leaves are falling. Everything, at some point, falls to earth. In the West we have not learned to accept the fall. As the modern way of life requires us to constantly evolve, to be competitive. To be in a hurry, to be efficient. Only that nature does not bear fruit all year round. So do we.

We need the fall, the autumn and then the winter to bring the spring, the bloom, the fruiting. The feminine side of the Soul is already travelling to the Underworld, as a Persephone, who will face Pluto, wealth, in the deep darkness. Let us slowly learn to accept the cycles of life and the soul that lead to the fulfillment of dreams. And here I dedicate a poem to this psychic phenomenon of fall and rebirth, with deep symbolism.

Fall and rebirth

Who am I?

Who am I?

And what am I to you?

My mind asks, without stopping.

My life on the brink, screaming at me

The truth is that something inside me is changing.

I fall into the chaos within me and there I meet

the woman with the black thick hair

asking me to give up everything I used to believe in.

The fame, the glory, the material goods

the memory that it hurt to heal now

And now I am walking on the shores of inner death.

How many times have I passed this place

How many times have I refused to look

As much as I know the route

Not listening to the body

that the snake is writhing with momentum

But now I’ve met you

The old life is over

The victim in me is dying

No matter how much I beat my hands against the ground in spite of myself

I have no choice but to surrender to the thick liquid darkness

that leads to the light and let me expect a return.

My hands are shaking

My legs are shaking

My voice dripping on the wet cave floor

I no longer have a choice

Now I’ve met you


In this chaos, the absolute void

I embrace the universe with humility,

while my powers find redemption.

Now I find the seeds of faith and solidarity

in the dark deep wet cave,

where abundance and joy will blossom.

My children are waiting

to face my shadow

until I become a mother

not to fall on their shoulders

my own unfulfilled

It’s time!

the call is strong!

I’m coming home,

listening to your song

dear Soul

sung by the blackbird

through the skylight.

The fall has much to teach us, especially when we stop fearing it. But it is not easy. It’s one thing in theory and another when you live it. But knowing that it is the natural flow of things and that through each fall you can become a better version of yourself is valuable!

If you are feeling difficulty in managing your emotions and you feel like there is a lot going on at the moment or you are experiencing some kind of fall, I suggest that we work on this together through individual sessions.