What are the differences between power and authority?

What are the differences between power and authority? We are at a time when revelations are being made about cases involving power. Power over human bodies, souls, human lives and violence even in its most heinous form. In 21st century Greece and in the civilized West. The truth is that we all have power. What we do with this power is a life decision. Whether we use it to do good, to be happy, or whether we turn it into power to manipulate others. And I want to ask a basic question. Which of the people in power who exploit and oppress others is happy and loving?

What it means to have power

With a simple google search I found that power means the ability, based on force, the law, that one has to impose one’s will on others. It is also the way a state has of controlling or dictating the actions of its people. Or else the ability one has to force someone else to act or behave in a certain way. So power is about imposition and control. But also by forcing someone else to do something. Based on the power I have, not the strength. So having power means that I can use my energy and attention to restrain others. Even use violence.

A man in power can become aggressive, even extremely manipulative and brutal at the drop of a hat. A major reason why many atrocities are committed by people of the night, politicians, police, religious leaders, actors with fame, like Lignadis, or people who have underground power like Mihos.

What it means to have power

In physics, a force exerted on a body is the cause that causes a change in the body’s kinetic state. For positive psychology, strength is the virtue and positive character traits that lead to the development of a person to have a good life. But also to contribute to the well-being of other people and society. It is the energy and attention I give to myself and others for good, and to make our lives better. It is the cause that causes a change in the soul’s motivational state to do good. In positive psychology there are 24 character strengths categorized into 6 virtues: 1. Wisdom-Knowledge, 2. Courage, 3. Humanity, 4. Justice, 5. Temperance, 6. Overrun. Also an important force here is love, as well as gratitude, forgiveness, teamwork, etc. So power means that I use these 24 powers that we all have, but in a different order, in a good way.

The difference and the choice between power and authority

The difference is clear, that power is about prosperity and the common good, while authority is about restriction, control and is often associated with abuse, oppression and violence. So the question is how do I use my energy and my skills? And how does society use power and how does society use power? What do I do about it? For example, one of the strengths is that I have good friends and belong to a community that loves and supports me. This helped me to stand on the coronavirus. And now that a friend has been traumatized by power, we in our strength support and care with love.

Let us choose power for our own lives, society and nature. Let’s be better people.