Why should I do positive psychology sessions?

Why should I have positive psychology sessions? The positive psychology It is the science that studies what makes me live well. It has many mental and physical health benefits and helps not only to be functional in my day but also to flourish. That is to use my strengths and abilities to prosper and radiate my inner beauty, just like flowers. In this article we will see practically where positive psychology helps.

Stress, mental + physical pain and positive psychology

I live in a society where everything moves fast. The pressure to succeed, the stress of everyday life, keeping up with paying bills, getting the child to school, being a good partner, etc. is a reality. This stress stays in my body, sucks up my thinking and my vital energy. Yes, learning how to manage it is very important. And psychology can help me with that. But it can also make me take it a step further, embrace life and what it brings me as well as enjoy it. Even if my lifestyle has resulted in mental or even physical pain I can turn it around.

In my work I have people who have to overcome psychosomatically even serious illnesses. That’s where I see that positive psychology, through the work we do together, boosts their morale. But it also supports them substantially. Especially when they find their own meaning in their experience. As the eyes of their soul open to the to see the beauty of life. There I see the greatness of their souls and how they become heroines and heroes on their own way to self-love and the completeness. Something that inspires me on my own path. And eventually the work we do together becomes a blossoming path for both.

What are the benefits of positive psychology?

It offers support:
  1. For mental toughness
  2. in order to establish emotional safety and boundary setting
  3. For acceptance of the forces but also of my weaknesses
  4. Stop feeling helpless and take action with determination and confidence
  5. To find joy, as I understand it
  6. In discovering the joy within healthy relationships
  7. To find my own meaning for life and with that to find the motivation that makes me get up in the morning with a smile
  8. In how to find my own way to I’m blossoming psychologically
  9. So that I can have a healthy relationship with my body and enjoy it
  10. To be able to obtain the welfare that suits me
  11. To be able to connect with others and the society I live in in a way that makes me evolve. But also to help others to develop.
What it helps me with:

Positive psychology helps me to focus my attention on values and situations that I had forgotten. To see what makes me feel awe, what is the essence of positivity and also how the spirituality it can have an important place in my everyday life. Also to find the hope and faith in myself and the world I live in. But also to rediscover the courage and the courage to make my dreams come true . To learn to smile again through my heart and my liver.

To feel the self-compassion and how inspiration comes effortlessly and the flow, as the optimal experience. What makes me produce work of substance? What drives me to become an admirer of creativity and what is the mentality of the artist who finds beauty in everything. It is a journey of self-discovery that simultaneously takes care of what hurts and comforts me. As it releases my potential so that I can enjoy the moment, in my own time. As I learn to make authentic relationships that offer their gifts on my path to self-actualization.

Knowing positive psychology..

For all these reasons and for the reasons we will discover together, I suggest that we do individual sessions of positive psychology. So that we can see in practice what makes you flourish. I am Valeria Koudoumogiannaki and I will be happy to start this journey together!