10 solutions offered by positive psychology for procrastination

10 solutions offered by positive psychology for procrastination. Continuing themes that September brings out, I noticed this week a tendency for procrastination. A little bit of the weather being cooler and hotter, a little bit of the post-holiday mood doesn’t always make me feel like getting things done. Of course there are deeper causes for procrastination and in this article I will refer to them.The result is stress and guilt which becomes a burden in everyday life. The key is to look at the solutions that exist and what I can do when I don’t feel like doing something I should and leave it for later. And the after becomes very much after, or never…

What are the main causes of procrastination?

Procrastination has a reason for coming. It is an important indication that I need to see. Indication that something is going on and I don’t want certain jobs. My gut tells me something. And what it probably tells me is the following: 1. That what I have to do scares me for some reason 2. My inner critic has cornered me by saying that I am not enough to do it 3. A part of me is afraid that if I succeed I will have more responsibility and I am afraid of it. 4. I have a tendency to be a perfectionist and end up doing nothing 5. I have good reasons for resisting what others have told me to do and I don’t admit it. 6. I have started to care less and less about me and my inner self is screaming 7. Sadness has begun to settle in me and I have thrown up my hands.

Several causes can happen at the same time and it is something I need to look into.

What are the 10 solutions to procrastination through positive psychology?

  1. To acknowledge that I have procrastination. To gain the self-awareness that it is happening to me by observing me with gentleness.
  2. Self-compassion is key to procrastination. Seeing me with compassion, with kindness, understanding that I am not perfect is very important. And to go deeper, to see if underneath the procrastination there is pain and what it is that hurts me.
  3. If I feel helpless to understand. Let me listen to the part of me that feels weak
  4. Let me turn to my strengths. That is, remember my strengths and bring them out to support me and the parts of me that feel weak.
  5. Let me look again at my motivation and my vision in life as well as see if the obligations are really obligations and if they fit my vision.
  6. To find the meaning behind the things I put off. It may be something I find boring, but if it supports something else in my life that is important to me I will have to go through the process of doing it.
  7. Let me allow the adult in me to take care of the responsibilities and also to take care of the inner child who doesn’t feel like doing them.
  8. To see if what I have to do is either too boring or much more difficult in relation to my abilities. Let the phenomenon of positive psychology help me there, the Stream showing me the way to satisfaction from life and what truly fills me up.
  9. Walking the path of self-love! This is the foundation that makes me feel the willingness and desire to do things even if they are obligations.

An example

I’ve been told since before the holidays to start a gym. I went in and saw offers from gyms in the area. Great! But I never even went for a trial. Um… to see what’s going on. I realize I’m putting it off. I know I’ll have to do it regularly. And that makes me nervous. Not to mention it will have some physical pain at first, and I don’t like it. There will be people there with already fit bodies and I don’t know them. I’ll be embarrassed… Let me not go.

Okay, I look at myself with compassion. I know that underneath there is the issue of self-image and discipline and what those mean to me…I take them to my therapist and we work on them. I’m slowly starting to unravel the puzzle. I understand why I chose to do gymnastics. I loved the summer when I would go swimming and feel good about my body. And if I feel good about my body, I’ll feel good about myself. I’ll also have more stamina and strength for my job. Important! And I’ll be healthier too. This will also give me energy for my relationships, doing all the things I like, women’s circles, etc. So I go to the gym and get on a program that’s right for me. And yes I started it and there are times when I joined Flow! And I will continue!

(True story)

If you are struggling with procrastination and want to work on it, I suggest we do individual sessionstogether andlook at the causes and solutions specific to you.