With flag female jet-black hair ..

With a woman’s flag of jet-black hair. Why is this flag important? Why is it my business what happens in Iran? What does this flag mean for women and beyond? Iranian Mahsa Amini, 22, was killed by her country’s police because she had not put on her headscarf properly. This brought a big uprising in Iran by women who took to the streets, burning their headscarves and cutting their hair. Claiming the right to choose to let their heads free to blow in the wind. Something not simple as it shows the precious claim of freedom to be themselves without risking their lives.

And yes I have that right in my country, but their struggle concerns me as a woman. And as long as women in this world still do not have the right to be all that we are, free, I and you and all of us need to do everything in our power!

What happened in Iran?

A strict regime that wants to have the woman subjugated above all others. Since 1979 with the Islamic Revolution, life has become suffocating for Iranian women. Where they could dress like women in other countries, all that stopped. Wide clothes and the hijab-mantilla became compulsory. In fact, a “vice police” was created that patrols to this day to enforce the law.

The young Mahsa Amini fell into the hands of the “vice police” because some “unruly strands” were sticking out. She was arrested as soon as she disembarked in Tehran from the train she had travelled with her brother to visit relatives. He was taken to the station and the next day to the hospital, where he died last Friday after three days in a coma. And since then there has been an uproar about the just struggle of all women in the autocracy. On their side are men who are outraged by what is happening. As a country, a world that has such an oppressed woman is far from civilization, prosperity and flourishing. Without woman free there is no flourishing!

Greece and woman

When I heard this news on the one hand came anger on the other hand seeing this flag with the black hair of Iranian women, I was in awe all over my body. How much courage do they have? How much does freedom cost? Even nowadays with blood. And on the same day in a session with a client, a mother of 2 young women, I learn that she had only been to the theatre once in her life. In the Greece of today. And for once in history, this year’s holiday.. and no he is not an introvert. The opposite. But she had to raise her children with a husband who wouldn’t let her go for walks, to the movies, etc. And that’s where I understand how far we have to go.

And she’s not the only one going through such difficulties. Women who suffer inequality and injustice in the family and at work. How many women who are afraid to walk down the street alone. And how many women who, if they don’t have a partner, feel half, constantly blame themselves for inadequacy and feel frustrated. Women who have felt the utter indifference of their partners and much more. And remember the metoo phenomenon that continues!

What can we do?

Much can be done. What I say to each of these women is boundaries are boundaries are boundaries. That’s enough! And the no’s! Learning to say no when we don’t want something. And to stop wanting to constantly satisfy others and neglect ourselves. To allow pleasure, joy, care, tenderness, affection, affection to enter our lives. And have this black-haired flag in our hearts! May our thoughts and our dreams float freely! To act, to dare, to dare, to practice the free life. Encouraging each other! And when we feel it, we’ll take to the streets to demonstrate.

Claiming the life we want and deserve as women!

Positive psychology should be at the service of women. Since it is the science that studies what makes life good, and full of substance! In this I will be happy to be your support and ally! I am available to work on boundaries, and how to have a life that you enjoy freely and enjoyably!