8 reasons why I haven’t found my rhythm yet after the holidays and how to deal with it?

I hear a lot these days from clients and customers and my own people that they still haven’t found their rhythm in everyday life. I also hear that they still feel tired or that they need more sleep, while at work they still haven’t adjusted. And I see the concern in their eyes that this is not something that will continue. The truth is that this period is very demanding and there is a tendency to ignore the pressure that we are under from situations and from ourselves. The anxiety of achievement has well and truly re-entered our lives. So let’s see what’s happening.

The 8 reasons why I haven’t found my rhythm yet after the holidays and how to deal with it are:

1.The transition from holidays to everyday life:

This transition can be quite difficult and especially if the holiday was not of the duration I needed. Often after a holiday I push myself to get back to the fast pace I had before. So that I can be good at work, take care of the family etc. I don’t give time to the transition. What helps here is respect for the self who cannot bear to go back to fast speeds so quickly. So listening to my body and going with its rhythm, as much as possible, is a good solution.

2.Need for more rest:

It is quite possible that my difficulty in returning to city life has to do with a certain truth: That I need more rest. If the feeling of fatigue is there it is good to see how to give myself sleep and relaxation. If I immediately get into stress after a holiday do what I can to give myself more peace of mind. A calmness that is restful.

3.Comparing the life I want with the life I have:

Something that is likely to happen has to do with the realization that the life I have is not satisfying. A holiday is an ideal scenario that lasts for a short time. Or since there have been quite a few people this year who didn’t go on holiday this can add a burden to the daily routine. What can help here is first of all the realization that the life I have is not really good enough for me. Then to examine whether it is a matter of a pattern of dissatisfaction and lack of gratitude or if I am indeed living too much outside of what my heart wants. Not an easy process, but very essential for how I will plan my life from now on.

4.Changing priorities:

This is the next step from the awareness of the life I have. It is very likely that a change of priorities is needed. And there may be an understanding that self-love is low on the list. If so, then surely something needs to change. To put self-love and self-worth on top. And then to see where my health, and especially my mental health, is. Although these were low on the list they need to move higher up the list. Because as important as my job and my family are and I want to take care of them, if I’m not doing well, everything gets left behind.

5. The work I do may no longer satisfy me:

Something that I’ve also heard a lot of this time is that a lot of people are no longer satisfied with their work. And especially with the working environment or even with their job. So it is important to see how serious this lack of satisfaction is and where it comes from, and then to set up a strategy for finding a new job or setting up your dream business.

6.Burn out: this is where the sos signals come in!

I am referring to burnout syndrome. That is, a state of physical and psychological fatigue to the point of exhaustion. This leads to intense stress, anger and a constant negativity, a sense of helplessness, intense procrastination and irritability. To feel like you have no energy to do your work and eventually anything at all. A frustration and dissatisfaction with your work follows you everywhere and as if you are trapped in a dead-end situation. And this is something that needs individual psychological support sessions.

7.Sadness or other negative emotions:

It is possible that there are other reasons why I feel tired. Such as difficulty managing grief and other negative emotions from events that happened over the summer or situations that may have been under the carpet for too long. In this case I need to work through these issues and see how I can best manage the negative emotions. Not with rejection, but with acceptance, care and embracing what is happening. Here, too, I would suggest individual sessions.

8.Nutritional needs:

Something else I need to see is the possibility that I am missing some vitamins, protein and other elements from my diet and my body is telling me through the feeling of fatigue. A blood test will help here and perhaps a visit to a nutritionist.

It takes a lot of patience and understanding to make the transition from summer to autumn. A lot happened in the previous period like covid, the issues with the PPC etc, so the need for rest was greater. I suggest as always to give yourself what you need by listening to your needs. And then you can more easily return to a routine that will wear you down less and empower you more.

If you see that you need support and you are struggling, you feel that fatigue is more than you can handle and your psychology is under pressure, I suggest that we do together individual sessions to get the empowerment you need and be able to better manage difficult emotions and situations that are weighing you down.