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8 +1 ways to keep my psychology positive in September

8 + 1 ways to keep my psychology positive in September. September is a starting month. And always a start needs a good support so that the whole run is good. The important thing is to know and practice having my energy stores at good levels and how to keep them in that state. Care will play an important role in this. In this article we will look together at 8+1 ways to have a positive psychology in September that you can maintain afterwards.

The 8 +1 ways to keep my psychology positive in September are:


Gratitude is something I can forget in the daily routine. But it has given me a lot of strength and is a key way to have positivity. It helps me to have mental resilience and to see the gifts and beauty in life. It reduces the chances of burn out and psychological fatigue, and has been scientifically proven to be linked to good mental and physical health. It gives satisfaction from life, patience and is a good way to get close to happiness.

2.Negativity filter: Filtering my thoughts is generally important. Especially after the holidays there is a possibility that the comparison with everyday life will bring me intense negativity. The potion can help me to keep the fruitful thoughts, doubts that help me in my evolution. As well as to stop the thoughts that don’t help me and create stress for no real reason.


Gymnastics and physical exercise in general has a lot of benefits in keeping my psychology positive. It helps me to eliminate stress, toxins and to have physical resilience. Which also helps mental resilience. That way I can return to a daily routine that is less stressful and I have the physical strength to achieve what I set out to do. Besides, it’s a great way to be healthy and it also helps to fight depression.

4.Good planning

Good planning is very important for the start that September offers. This means that I need to have the patience to see what I want to achieve in this new season-route. As well as gathering all the information on how to achieve my goals. For example, if I am starting a new job to find out what I need to do, the responsibilities etc.

5.Forces Ha

Character strengths are my most basic resource of psychic power. By knowing what they are when I cultivate them, I develop how to nourish me psychically so that I not only function in everyday life but also flourish. By learning to recognize them I learn what fills me up and keeps my energy high.

6.Mechanisms to deal with Response

Coping mechanisms are how I successfully cope with difficulties and crises. Because situations happen in life that cause us problems and we need to be able to cope. These ways support me in the tough times to reduce stress, to perform and ultimately to feel like I can cope. Something that gives confidence and relief.

7.Retreat – rest

The right of withdrawal is very important. To have the stamina and energy to do what I want to do, my sleep and my peace of mind need special care. There are ways to do this, such as meditation and good planning. Being alone with myself is quality time, fertile for my spiritual flourishing. After the holidays when the hunt for time with obligations begins, I need to remember to retire after a full day. And then I can go on more easily.

8.Entertainment – enjoyment

Enjoyment in life is essential. Yes I know the bills come in, I have a lot of work to do, if I have kids, they start school. But the right to enjoyment and entertainment is like the sun nourishing the flowers. I need it to grow with joy. It gives me the appetite and motivation to succeed. Going to a concert, dancing, a theatre performance with family, partner or even friends is very refreshing. And it keeps my mood at a good level.

+ 1 Creativity

Creativity is a way of me in itself is extremely empowering to have a positive psychology. is a wonderful process that gives the nectar of life. It is fitting to liken it to ambrosia. Because it gives moments and works immortal. Expressing yourself, letting your emotions give color, steps in the dance, voice is liberating and so meaningful. That is why finding out how to express your creativity is like filling your mental world with flowers. And this has a multiplying effect of positivity in your daily life and especially through the phenomenon of flow.

You can see September as an opportunity to put a plan in place and start taking steps towards your goals and dreams! If it is difficult for you, we can work on it together to see what are the right ways for you to have and maintain a positive psychology in September and beyond. That’s why I suggest we start individual positive psychology sessions together.