Online seminar: Taking care of me with the art of self-compassion

Practical applications of positive psychology

7 May 2022/13:00-15:00

How do I take care of myself with the art of self-compassion? Why is compassion important to me and how does it help my daily life? How will it help me to balance after the covid crisis and any crisis that occurs in society and everyday life? This online positive psychology seminar is an important step in my personal development as it supports me to support me.

  • Do you feel that everyday life is draining your energy and putting pressure on you?
  • Do you feel that you often forget your needs and your own wants?
  • Is time for caring for your soul limited as you are always running around for others?
  • Do you miss feeling like you can let go and express your true feelings?

Includes theory and practical applications of positive psychology

The online seminar- I take care of me with self-compassion is done in collaboration with The Finest Form

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Take the step and join us at the seminar! You deserve to be taken care of!