Circle of online meetings-Authentic relationships

Circle of online meetings-Authentic relationships: Building emotional and social intelligence for relationships that thrive

4 Online Meetings every Friday, 7pm-9pm from 28/05 to 18/06

We release our authentic self to build authentic relationships.

Relationships are a key way to support your well-being. They offer joy, beautiful emotions and unique moments.

Through the science of positive psychology and the art of theatre we will see together how to build authentic relationships for a better quality of life.

  • Do you have trouble forming relationships?
  • Are there times when you feel trapped in relationships?
  • Do you have a lot to give but don’t know how to express it?
  • Do you want to define your personal space, but are you afraid that this will distance you from others?
  • Do you feel that relationships start off well, but along the way you discover things about the person you are with that scare you?

If any of the above applies to you… We are waiting for you at online meeting circle!

Purpose of the Seminar

The purpose of the seminar is to help you to be your authentic self in relationships and to make relationships of substance. It is aimed at anyone who feels they want to learn and practice skills that will help them in their relationships with others and themselves. We will practice these skills in a safe and enjoyable context that we will create together.

In each session we learn, experiment, interact, “play”, with the tools of positive psychology and improvisational theatre.

After each session we feel that we have come a little closer to ourselves, that we have released a part of ourselves, that we are more ready to create authentic connection with others.

The topics of the individual meetings:

Self-awareness and Consciousness- 28/05

Free Expression and Acceptance- 04/06

I share from my heart 11/06/11

Culture of Care 18/06

The theory of the seminar is based on positive and social psychology and the science of sociology. Practices will be drawn from art and even improvisational theatre that will make the seminar experience very enjoyable and creative.

The practices and techniques we will apply together will aim to:

1. Become more conscious of how we build relationships

2. Find ways to express the authentic self with joy

3. To enjoy our relationships and nurture them to provide well-being

4. To free ourselves to express ourselves freely in relationships

5. Harness our skills and cultivate our social and emotional intelligence for better relationships

Come with us! To create together the conditions for authentic relationships that support us and give us joy!


Felix Metzger (sociologist, artist, founding member of The Beehive Community)

Tel: 6932 377 700, email:

Valeria Koudoumogiannaki (psychologist, positive psychology coach, alternative therapist)

Tel: 6955567701, email:

Mode of conduct: Online via zoom

Date: every Friday, 7pm-9pm from 28/05 to 18/06

Cost: 25 euro each time or 80 euro prepayment of the whole cycle