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Free expression-Why it is crucial in our everyday life

What is more liberating than the freedom to say and utter whatever we feel like? Mind and body seek for release; to take out what is inside, frees us from concerns, worries and the danger of getting stuck in thoughts and patterns. We all know these situations in which we feel we can not just say what is in our minds because the others might not appreciate it, judge it or just consider it misplaced. And of course we are doing well by thinking about what we are going to communicate before doing so because we don’t want to hurt people or be inappropriate. Though if this is reaching a point in which we are holding ourselves back more than necessary, it may cause serious issues. Every kind of worry we are keeping for ourselves, comes back in cycles to our mind and body and it hardly gets cleared just by processing it innerly. 

Why free expression is so crucial

 Because we can not only release but also resolve issues that are following us like a shadow. It is the expression itself and the response we are getting from the environment that help us overcome something like shyness. If we always think that the others will not like what we are going to tell them, that it is not going to be interesting, that we are not having anything to share, we will eventually become this shy person that will also be seen like it. But if we manage to break the pattern, to dare to share our thoughts and feelings, we give way to another kind of feedback and a new image of ourselves. An image based on authenticity and a mindset of growth.

The inner critic

Modern society has developed a way of thinking based on criticism. People often instead of listening to their souls, they tend to focus on what they have been told is right or wrong. From family, school, institutions and especially the media we learn from a young age to swallow critiques and stereotypes. Our uniqueness often becomes something that needs to be eliminated in order to fit into societal patterns. But! When we lose our uniqueness, we also lose contact with the inner life. We start internalizing the Critic that becomes Inner Critic. That restricts our true potential to express freely. The result is growing anger from the suppressed inner self which is a ticking bomb and can explode in the presence of others that are not responsible for this anger. 

The solution

We need to come back to ourselves and hear the inner voice. Set it free, and minimize the voice of the Inner Critic. This is not something we just achieve by convincing ourselves. The space must be given to do so. We call it safe space, a space in which we know that the others are not here to judge what I am saying or even not to tell me anything if I don’t want to be told something. But in which I can express what is important to me, what is bothering me and I know I will be listened to. 

Free Expression from a shamanic view

When I express myself freely, I can listen to the voice of my heart and the song of my soul. In several shamanic traditions the shaman asks you, when was the last time you sang? When was the last time you danced? The shaman actually asks you, when was the last time you expressed yourself freely? They believe dis-ease happens when we lose our free expression for a long long time. In that sense free expression is a way of healing and a key to become a conscious co creator of the cosmos. We need to remember that once art and healing were one thing. As shamans still have this point of view about art and healing they say we dream the world into being. In order anything to manifest ourselves in the world first we envision it. What about we dream of a world of free expression?

Free expression leads to a good life!

This is how wellbeing and flourish can be manifested through free expression. Actually flourish is free expression. I blossom as I use my best skills releasing my true potential full of joy. Then my inner beauty is extracted like honey and sweetens the world, through my actions, behaviors and the results of my work. I can have optimal experience that gives transcendence of my limitations and all of what I call self. I transcend to a place, through free expression where I meet Spirit and Nature and I bring to everyday life beauty, awe and expansion. I become a pilgrim of my inner path as well as I become a keeper of wonder for the other people.

 As a result, any activity within the day becomes a chance for creating a better inner world and a better society. Also work in this colorful frame becomes a joyful experience. As it was its original purpose. It also needs to be mentioned that our civilization is built as people expressed their best. In this way of thinking we can have a healthy society that listens to our inner Nature and Mother Earth that surround us. To bring joy and tools to make all people’s life better. A society is healthy and prosperous in which the people express themselves freely through their work and in everyday life. It can lead to everyone’s wellbeing!

Let’s see in 16 points which are the benefits of free expression:

  • Freedom
  • Enthusiasm
  • Flow
  • Curiosity
  • Self discovery
  • Discovering the world
  • Inspiration
  • Awe
  • Achievement
  • Self confidence
  • Meaningful life
  • Transcendence
  • Fulfilment
  • Service to the society, creating things that can make other people’s lives better 
  • Make the world a playful place, full of opportunities of expansion and self-development
  • Healing the self and taking part in healing the society

In conclusion free expression is a way to have a good life. It is an important path for wellbeing and flourish as an individual and for the whole society.

The session of the online workshop: Cycle of Authentic Connection on Friday 22/1 at 19:00 will be focussing on Free Expression. We will be happy if you join us! This article is written in collaboration with Felix Metzger from The Beehive Community. Together we are facilitating the Authentic Connection workshop every other Friday.

Always remember free expression is a great path for well-being and flourishing. May you set your self free and express your uniquity!